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The need for transparency, data, and brand safety in livestream brand engagements

By September 14, 2022No Comments
ESI Washington, DC

During ESI DC, VP of Operations for Thece Karen Franzino talked with Rebecca Dixon, founder and CEO of GameHers, Johnny Kutnowski, Product Manager and Blinkfire Analytics, and Justin Stefanovic, Senior VP at Misfits Gaming, about the future of advertising in esports and gaming.

The conversation covered a larger range of topics, but focused in on three distinct themes:

  1. Education is still necessary. Non endemic brands in particular still require more information on what it looks like to advertise in esports.
  2. Data, transparency, and validation are essential to bring more brands into the space. Brands want to know if the money they spend is driving the intended ROI. Better data, reporting, validation, and overall transparency will help prove the value of advertising in esports.
  3. Brand safety matters, particularly for non-endemic brands. A common concern brands have within livestreaming is making sure their brand is appropriately represented. It is up to the esports and gaming industry to help breakdown and categorize different creators to help ensure brand safety at scale.

Watch the full discussion below: