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State of Digital Advertising

Our team has seen it all in the advertising space. Since before the digital revolution, we have witnessed wave after wave of new digital marketing and ad solutions: mobile, programmatic, native, video, social, etc. This onslaught of innovation has led to the hyper-fragmentation of media. In simpler times, people selected between 3-7 media choices per day. Now, due to the seemingly unending number of media choices, consumers’ attention spans are stretched thin and advertisers don’t know where to focus their efforts.

Numbed out by brands competing for their engagement, consumers have also formed a well-tuned habit of “skipping” the ads on their screens.


The average number of ads seen on a given day

4 sec.

The average length of view on video advertising

1.7 sec.

The average time spent viewing a social post


The average click-through rate on branded social content

Our Philosophy

Consumers are skipping content like crazy. So, how do we fix the problem?

Our solution is simple. When you catch the attention of the consumer, you need to keep them. Stimulate them with interesting material that they must think about, offer them ownership in the experience that shows their opinion matters and, most importantly, make it fun. Entertain them in the process of engagement and the result is a lasting, genuine and profitable relationship between consumer and brand. At, our platform engages with consumers like no other product, as outlined by our results below. We’re committed to helping you engage your consumer and get back into the conversation. No skipping.

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Our Stats Speak Volumes


Your Customer Engagement


Average Experience Duration


Average Completion Rate


Average Conversion Rate

Our products are built for omnichannel so you can engage customers, online through social or native advertising or offline through events and experiential marketing.

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