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High Margin Monetization Opportunities for Esports Organizations

Esports and gaming organizations want to diversify and increase their revenue stream to build their organization. Unfortunately, the current streams of revenue, primarily sponsorships, limit earnings to a few top earners and a few events.

Thece changes this by distributing ad units across the entire roster without infringing on sponsorship contracts or platform restrictions. This ensures a high revenue margin with little additional effort on the esports organization.

Convert Your Whole Streaming Roster Into Income

Esports organizations and streamers are the heart and soul of our Livestream Media Network, helping top-tier brands connect with consumers globally. For esports organizations, this transforms a low-profit asset – the bulk of your streamer roster – into a reliable source of capital. We don’t work with specific streamers, but work on behalf of esports organizations with the rights to monetize their livestreams.

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Generate Revenue Effortlessly

Prioritize the needs and growth of your organization with no-fuss in-stream overlay ads.

With the Livestream Media Network, there’s:

  • No upfront or long-term financial investment on your part
  • No onboarding or need to create advertising assets
  • No prep or shout outs required from streamers
  • No interference with other streams of revenue

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Choose What You Advertise

As our partners, we want you to have your say when it comes to running ads across your organization.

You have the flexibility to:

  • Choose streamers that best fit the brand or ad campaign
  • Reject ads that don’t align with your organization
  • Screen advertising materials and creative assets we provide for advertising campaigns

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Thece, a well-respected network

Join a Well-respected Network

We’ve forged rock-solid partnerships with a reputation based on professionalism, respect, and reliability.

This is how we earned:

  • Exclusive access to some of the largest collegiate esports leagues in the US
  • Exclusive arrangements with professional esports organizations like Misfits Gaming
  • Trust from massive brands like Disney, Oreo, ESPN, and Alienware

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