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Enhanced Logo

The enhanced logo is intrinsic to the broadcast and therefore is not clickable. Yet, we know advertisers crave conversion. So we invented an enhanced logo unit that is perfect audience engagement.

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microgame creative

Go Beyond Impressions and Scans

Deeper engagement with the 18-34 year old audience.

Engage the GVA for up to 90 seconds with our owned and operated creative solution. Swurveys™ included in qualifying buys of the Professional Esports Gaming Collective™.

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Introducing Geosifting

Market Globally, Convert Locally

Unlike any other media in the world, Esports and Gaming livestreaming is global from inception. The audience for even the mid-tier streamers spans all timezones. Thece sees this as an asset as brands of all sizes can promote a brand message to all corners of the globe immediately to a hard to reach audience, but convert with localized content for each of their key markets. The evergreen nature of the Thece platform means that anywhere the Livestream is published the conversion ad will remain and the conversion can be localized.

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