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The Professional Esports Collective™

Unlocking the Game Viewing Audience for Brands

As ad costs increase and audience sizes decrease in traditional broadcast media, more and more companies are looking for new ways to reach potential customers. Thece is working exclusively with esports and gaming audiences. By tapping into the “Game Viewing Audience,” Thece is able to connect growing companies to a new and engaged audience at a fraction of the cost of a traditional sponsorship. Plus, we provide verifiable value via Comscore.

Key Demographics

Aged 16-34

Aged 18-49


$75k+ Annual Income

Why Gaming?

Gen Zs (18-34 year olds) are not watching TV. They have ad blockers when they browse. They are not seeing or engaging with your ads. Esports and Gaming is where they spend their time and where they actually pay attention. You are not making an impact if you are not in this space. Period.

Why Now?

While appalling, the pandemic has been the tipping point for media diet consumption away from TV to Esports and Gaming. In the US alone 26 million gamers log on each day. The good news is that the domain is uncluttered and underserved so your message will stand out with the audience.

Our Unique Approach

Thece has assembled a collection of top tier Esports organizations into the world’s premier gaming collective to insert consistent audience and creator approved placements across thousands of livestream broadcasts. Peer pressure provides an extra layer of Brand Safety.

brands, teams, and influencers

Learn more about the scalable, verifiable solutions we provide to reach and engage this hard to connect to audience.

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    Livestream Ad Network™ FAQs

    What is this new media product?

    A “Live Stream Billboard Carousel” running inside of Twitch Influencer’s Live Stream. The simplest way to think of this opportunity is to imagine 100,000 billboards, inside a broadcast, that can rotate a variety of creative types every 30 seconds. The carousel is non-clickable, so the “billboards” are interactive with a QR. As a bonus, many of our influencers distribute their stream on Youtube which you get for Free! 

    Who is the audience?

    Fans of games who watch influencers in gaming and esports—81% male and 55% between the ages of 18-3443% have annual household income over $75,000. The carousel is shown on up to 20,000 influencers streams. Influencers have an average of 5,000 followers and stream an average of 4.5 hours per day and 5.5 days per week. (Frequency capping is, of course, critical and implemented).

    Can I target?

    Today targeting is limited to Game Title or Genre. Brand safety and appropriateness is a top priority and is constantly monitored.

    What creative should I have?

    A landing page link and relevant images/video that can be converted into an animated graphic. If required or desired, we can create a custom conversion Thece Microgame in 5 days using the same creative assets.

    What reporting do I get?

    You will have access to your own dashboard that is updated every 24 hours for the impression information. You will have access to a separate dashboard for the interaction (QR Scans) and engagement (Swurvey Data if you add one) information that is updated in real-time.

    How quickly can I get live?

    Glad you asked! You can be messaging to this engaged audience in less than 5 days from signing Insertion Order.

    Why should I do this?

    Gaming, and esports, are where your customers are these days.This opportunity has scale, it’s affordable, and above all, it’s fresh and fun.