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Livestream Ad Network™ - Esports and Gaming

100% Viewability – LIVE In-Stream Placement

The Game Viewing Audience (GVA) comprises the approximate 1.2 billion consumers who regularly tune in to watch their favorite gaming influencer livestream on the most popular streaming platforms: Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Second Screen Interaction

Scans are the New Clicks

The Livestream Ad Network™ is intrinsic to the broadcast and therefore CANNOT utilize clicks. Yet, we know advertisers crave conversion. So we invented a unit which uses a blend of video and QR Codes for global reach with localized conversions.

Back-End Dashboard

Data Driven Results

One of the common complaints of advertising and marketing in Esports and Gaming is the lack of transparent, actionable data. Not with Thece. All of our strategies hinge upon SCALE, audience attribution and spend efficiency—and all of this is possible through verifiable data.

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