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A Fun & Interactive Engagement Tool

Drive sales and capture leads in your out-of-home, social/influencer and event marketing activities. Use persona mapping with branching in your Consumer Engagement (CE) so prospects and customers  self-discover the perfect offer for them.


Real-Time Analytics

Get your data, leads, and insights in Real-time. With this powerful data in-hand optimize your marketing channels for the maximum return on spend. Use the insights to better understand your customers and prospects for constant product improvement.

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Maximum Engagement

We have found through both success and failure that three absolutes must come together in order to create maximum engagement.

  • Stimulation – make me think
  • Ownership – what’s in it for me
  • Entertainment – make it fun

For example, the touring artist asks her Instagram Followers pre-event to vote on what she opens her set with. Or the Conference Keynote speaker asks the audience to vote on the most important topic from four choices. Finally, the Football Club tweets and simultaneously prompts in-stadium to select the MVP 5 minutes before the end of the game.

All of this happens, and can be shared with the Audience, in Real-time.

Our Data Speak Volumes


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Our platform is built for omnichannel distribution so you can engage customers, online, in social AND especially at events.

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