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Competition and Gaming Drive Engagement

Your audience is engaging with gaming:

Unique visitors per month to online gaming and mobile applications

This represents 83% of total digital population!

Hours on gaming sites and apps in 2022, this is almost as much time as social time spent (62B hours)

A large segment of each generation play games and that percent is growing

Gen Alpha
Gen Z
Gen X
Baby Boomers

Enter ThecePlay™

Marketing today is a challenge. consumers are immersed in a world of digital media and constant stimulation. They are harder to reach and prefer subtlety over hard sells, they expect interactivity and value authenticity in marketing tailored to their digital world. Gaming has taken over a large portion of media diet.

ThecePlay is a one of its kind marketing opportunity that offers bespoke gaming challenges for any brand to utilize any game to authentically engage target audiences across multiple KPIs all in their own website.

Before ThecePlay:

Marketing message comes
FROM THE BRAND to all channels

With ThecePlay:

ThecePlay connects mobile, events, influencers, sponsorships , and publishers to brands

Channels drive traffic TO THE BRAND
for an interactive experience

Powered by Twin Galaxies

Twin Galaxies is the authority on video game player achievement and recognition. ThecePlay is built upon Twin Galaxies robust and scalable platform.

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Adjudication Engine

  • Create gaming challenge for any game to engage your target audience
  • 100,000+ active game judges
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Simple Integration

Utilize plug-and-play iframe integration or fully customizable API integration

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Largest database of records

  • Over 160,000 records on video gaming challenges
  • 40+ years recognizing player achievements
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ThecePlay Gamifies Brands

  • Authentically engage target consumers
  • Content creation for marketing and social
  • Drive consumers directly to your website
  • Consumer acquisition and data

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ThecePlay Delivers:

A seamless experience for brands. Thece does all the work to identify games and challenges for your brand based on your target audience and goals.

Expert Driven Challenges

  • Thece helps select the game and challenge.
  • Experience with over 166,000 challenges

Branded Experience

Turnkey, fully customizable experience that lives within brand website.

Account Management Services

  • Challenge creations
  • Integration support
  • Performance monitoring
  • Supporting media delivery

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