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Gamifying the Gaming Industry

ThecePlay is a white-label video game audience challenge platform built to enable brands to authentically engage all gamers.

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Why include ThecePlay?

  • Gaming is an essential part of 83% of the US population, spending over 45 billon hours a year gaming
  • Ability to customize to reach your audience- Any game title can be used to create a challenge
  • Provides buzz-worthy engagement geared towards Gen Z and Millennials
  • More cost effective and quicker to implement than in-game activations

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ThecePlay Delivers:

A seamless experience for brands. Thece does all the work to identify games and challenges for your brand based on your target audience and goals.

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Buzz and Awareness

Create excitement around brand

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Sticky Experience

From authentic engagement and connection with Brand. User submission videos create original video content that can be repurposed for social, YouTube, etc.

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Customer Aquisition

Safely and securely garner first party user data through the challenge platform.

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Social Content

User submission videos create original video content that can be repurposed for social, YouTube, etc.

Standard Package includes:

  • Consultation and Challenge design – Experts in gaming, we create challenges based on brand goals and target audience
  • Hosting of brand Challenge on
  • Secure access to submitter data—including user submitted videos
  • Video review and adjudication
  • Performance reporting

Add-ons includes:

  • Prizes and fulfillment (digital only)
  • Custom landing page design for brand site
  • API access and support for brand site integration
  • Original video compilations based on submission videos

Powered by Twin Galaxies

Twin Galaxies is the authority on video game player achievement and recognition. ThecePlay is built upon Twin Galaxies robust and scalable platform.

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Adjudication Engine

  • Create gaming challenge for any game to engage your target audience
  • 100,000+ active game judges
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Simple Integration

Utilize plug-and-play iframe integration or fully customizable API integration

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Largest database of records

  • Over 160,000 records on video gaming challenges
  • 40+ years recognizing player achievements

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Theceplay FAQs

What is ThecePlay?

ThecePlay is a marketing and service platform that facilitates and verifies competitions and player achievement in gaming. ThecePlay provides brands with an organic and authentic way to connect with audiences within their website or on a branded microsite.

What is Twin Galaxies? What role do they play in ThecePlay IP?

ThecePlay is the consumer-facing front end of a unique and exclusive partnership between Thece, which specializes in connecting brands within the context of gaming and Twin Galaxies, a venerated player achievement recognition institution in the gaming world with a rich history stretching over 40 years.

Renowned for their expertise in verifying video game player achievements, Twin Galaxies (TG) is a cornerstone in the gaming community. They are celebrated for validating world records. The TG platform is unparalleled, designed to adjudicate video game performance submissions meticulously. This is achieved through a community-led peer-review process, ensuring accuracy and fairness. The platform has successfully processed over 200,000 submissions, a testament to its efficacy and the worldwide gaming community’s trust. In light of this, undertaking such a task independently without ThecePlay would be a significant challenge, given the complexity and scale of the processes involved.

Where does Twin Galaxies come into play?

Processing all submissions, including videos…Twin Galaxies’ Submissions and Adjudication Process utilizes a one-of-a-kind, controlled, and blind “peer review” system to adjudicate and authenticate video game achievement claims. Adjudication remains completely impartial because the Adjudicator can vote YES or NO on whether the submission meets the criteria and that no cheating is identified. Others do not influence the Adjudicator as they cannot access what others have voted, how many votes, or even when voting ends. To read more about this process, click here.

What are good use cases and KPIs for a ThecePlay Challenge?

Most ThecePlay Challenges can be measured through multiple KPIs. Here are some examples:

  • Driving awareness/promotion of a tent pole event
  • New customer acquisition (first-party data and direct transactions)
  • Existing customer engagement 
  • Connecting with gaming and brand enthusiasts 
  • Unique activation with influencers/creators/brand ambassadors 
  • Acquire directed user-generated content

What is the timelines for launching a ThecePlay Challenge?

Depending on complexity, a ThecePlay Challenge can launch in as short as two weeks and up to 6 weeks with custom integrations.

What should I include ThecePlay as part of my media mix?

  • Gaming is an essential and largely untapped market. 83% of the US population are gamers; in 2022, they spent 45 billion hours gaming in 2022
  • Increase traction and first party data capture within current campaigns through a ThecePlay Challenge
  • More cost-effective: 10% of the cost of an in-game build
  • Quicker to implement than in-game brand activations – 2-6 weeks versus 6+ months
  • ANY game title can be used to reach brands desired target audience

How do I determine which game/challenge suits my brand?

Share the brand’s target audience, goals, and prizing ideas. The Thece team will brainstorm and use existing gaming and participation data to determine your brand’s suitable game(s) and challenge ideas.  

How do you ensure gaming content is safe for a given brand?

The game(s) and challenge(s) are custom to each brand initiative, so the game(s) chosen will be suitable for the brands needs. In addition, there are controls over what videos are shown on the branded ThecePlay Challenge page. Thus eliminating brand safety issues.

  • The videos can be show upon acceptance in the adjudication process
  • The videos can be show upon acceptance and brand approval 
  • All videos can be hidden on the ThecePlay Challenge page and only used through curated social videos and wrap ups   

How will audiences find the branded ThecePlay Challenge?

While we would love to take an “if we build it, they will come” mentality, we know that is just not the case. Promotion is essential to obtaining user submission and buzz around the brands ThecePlay Challenge.

There are multiple ways to promote:

  • Thece can provide and execute a promotional plan for media or influencer posts.
  • If the brands has their own media department or agency, they can use that team to develop a promotional plan.
  • If the brand has a brand ambassador(s), that is also a great way to tie to the challenge.
  • Brand website promotion and links.
  • Brand social promotion and links.