Thece for Esports and Gaming

A Cannot Miss New Media Category

Thece is innovating in this extremely interesting and growing space. We have immediate opportunities and inventory to reach this audience through a media buy.

  • Massive growth and one of the few boom areas during the Covid-19 Pandemic
  • Very attractive demographics  
  • Previously unreachable through media buys
  • We also provide a MSSA (Mobile Second Screen Activation) as part of the deal
  • Scaled Pooled Inventory with Verifiable Reporting

Key Demographics

Aged 18-34

Aged 18-49


$75k+ Annual Income

Gaming Influencer Inventory – The Live Stream Billboard Carousel

What is this new media product?

A “Live Stream Billboard Carousel” running inside of Twitch Influencer’s Live Stream. The simplest way to think of this opportunity is to imagine 100,000 billboards, inside a broadcast, that can rotate a variety of creative types every 30 seconds. The carousel is non-clickable, so the “billboards” are interactive with a QR. As a bonus, many of our influencers distribute their stream on Youtube which you get for Free! 

Who is the audience?

Fans of games who watch influencers in gaming and esports—81% male and 55% between the ages of 18-3443% have annual household income over $75,000. The carousel is shown on up to 20,000 influencers streams. Influencers have an average of 5,000 followers and stream an average of 4.5 hours per day and 5.5 days per week. (Frequency capping is, of course, critical and implemented).

Can I target?

Today targeting is limited to Game Title or Genre. Brand safety and appropriateness is a top priority and is constantly monitored.

What creative should I have?

A landing page link and relevant images/video that can be converted into an animated graphic. If required or desired, we can create a custom conversion Thece Microgame in 5 days using the same creative assets.

What reporting do I get?

You will have access to your own dashboard that is updated every 24 hours for the impression information. You will have access to a separate dashboard for the interaction (QR Scans) and engagement (Microgame Data if you add one) information that is updated in real-time.

How quickly can I get live?

Glad you asked! You can be messaging to this engaged audience in less than 5 days from signing Insertion Order.

Why should I do this?

Gaming, and esports, are where your customers are these days.This opportunity has scale, it’s affordable, and above all, it’s fresh and fun.

Influencer Campaigns in Action

Scan the QRs in the ads to view the games the influencers play in the videos.

One of our influencers, Jupiter, explains how it works!

Opera Ad

Watch Zabracus play the OreoCLE.

Oreocle Ad

Esports Tournament Inventory – 2nd Screen Ad Breaks

Esports are the cannot miss tournament events occurring on a daily basis. Thece in partnership with Tournament Operators are designing and deploying second screen ad breaks that allow for the run of show to be continuous. We insert these ad breaks into the event for the advertiser by using the content of the game to avoid a loss of engagement and entertainment for the audience. A true win-win-win for the audience, the tournament organizer and the brand!


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