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Government Agency Garners 3.3x ROAS Via Thece Professional Esports Collective

By October 26, 2022No Comments

Campaign delivers three times ROAS according to Comscore

Thece and a government agency worked with Comscore to verify the return on ad spend during a three week campaign.

Combining Human Intelligence and Algorithmic Technology, Comscore evaluates the brand integration and effectiveness of ad spend and media value during a campaign. In order to measure Thece’s unique ad unit, Comscore determined the methodology and media value. Comscore analyzed the media reach of the ad units on streaming platforms for 10 hours of the three week campaign and concluded a 3.3x media value and ROAS for the campaign. 

Government agency taps into the game viewing audience with success

In order to spread a prescient public service announcement, a government agency needed a way to get in front of a younger audience. The agency wanted to ensure brand safety and had specific guidance in terms of the content. With shrinking audiences in other traditional media spaces, it connected with Thece to tap into the game viewing audience.

Through its growing Livestream Network, Thece provided the agency an opportunity to get their message in front of 18-34 year olds with ads integrated into live esports broadcasts. Thece was able to meet the client’s brand safety goals by working directly with the Esports Organizations to focus on streamers of non-violent games such as Rocket League, Minecraft, etc. The Thece ad unit offers 100% viewability, innovative second screen interactions, and customer insights through microgames.

3.3x Media Value by Comscore

Through its native placement, Thece was able to garner a 3.3x ROAS for the government agency

After a three week campaign, Thece was able to gain exposure for the PSA at 3.3x the initial ad spend, according to Comscore.

Esports and gaming is an evergreen space with a young, diverse, present and engaged audience. But advertising to and connecting with 18-34 year olds gamers and game viewers can be difficult. Thece simplifies esports advertising by leveraging the top Organizations and Operators in esports to deliver complete ad packages across a scalable and brand safe network.

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