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ThecePlay Success

By November 29, 2023No Comments
Word Challange Top 10 Wordle Winning Streaks

Unlock the power of Gaming

ThecePlay safely unlocks the power of gaming for brands, seamlessly integrating through player challenges and achievement, providing fun into brands’ websites through proprietary technology and a partnership with Twin Galaxies.

To ensure the success of this innovative new offering, we first tried it ourselves. While testing is vital for launches, live executions provide unmatched learning.

Testing the concept

In an August offsite, the Thece team began crafting the inaugural ThecePlay Challenge for marketing professionals. We quickly discovered basing challenges on the target audience is key to engagement and relevance. Targeting marketing professionals, we chose a popular skill game and an accessible challenge: Play Wordle, submit your winning streak, have fun. Win Wordle (Wordle NYT or Wordle!) at least 5 days in a row. To be eligible the user must share their winning streak via video.

With the defined challenge and technical implementation complete, we softly launched and promoted it through the Serial Marketers community and LinkedIn. When the user comes to the ThecePlay Challenge, they review the challenge and rules and create their submission. Each submission requires a video of that user performing the challenge. These videos are submitted through the Twin Galaxies adjudication engine to verify the video met the challenge and rules fairly, without cheating. The adjudication engine is supported by the Twin Galaxies community of tens of thousands of video game aficionados.

Unparalleled results and learnings

While just lightly promoted, the results astounded us. Visitors to grew by 260%!

Top Learnings:

  1. Even modest ThecePlay challenges drive traffic and engagement
    The idea of competition lends itself towards organic sharing; the challenge spreads quickly even without much promotional budget. With heavier promotion, you can get the most buzz from the ThecePlay Challenge.
  2. Know your audience and craft relevant challenges
    Crafting a relevant challenge based on the audience will help drive engagement and bring the desired audience towards the brand’s website.
  3. Compelling prizes entice players
    What does your brand have to offer that others don’t? Gameplay with your favorite gamer, products, experiences, etc.
  4. Promote in relevant channels
    Influencers and brand ambassadors can give your brand added traction and provide fresh content
  5. Benefit from original content
    The ThecePlay Challenge inherently offers unique and original video content. Compilation and recap videos can be created to celebrate the players, provide new and original content for social media, and increase buzz.

Here is a recap of our first-ever ThecePlay:

Challenge to you: What challenge are you going to create for your audience?

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