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Top 8 learnings from CES 2023

By January 13, 2023No Comments
CES 2023

Thece attended CES along with thousands of others this past week. CES kicked off the year and esports, gaming and ad tech showed up big. CES is a time for discovery, learning, and understanding challenges. This makes Thece better as a company and offers ideas for future planning to ensure Thece brings needed solutions to the market. Here are a few things we learned.

  1. Importance of Audiences—In the rapidly evolving media landscape, the most important factor for advertisers is the audience–identifying niche audiences, and how to provide messages that resonate with them.
  2. Media currencies are advancing—Media buyers are no longer just buying on CPM, increasing currencies in return on investment, attention, audience, etc. While new currencies are emerging, there is no consensus on the approach.
  3. Media buyers are looking for test and learn opportunities in new media formats. A scientific approach to the tests, including measurement and research, is key to convert these opportunities to recurring opportunities with advertisers.
  4. There is a move for the unattainable “personalized” advertising to customization per niche audience. This allows for quicker delivery, creates scalable opportunities that are still targeted to convert the audience.
  5. Video ads still have an estimate of audience reach because co-viewing is still 100% modeled. Actual viewership is a need across all platforms.
  6. Don’t just measure for measurement’s sake. Understand the needs of the advertiser and review the metrics that relate to goals and the metrics that can be actionable to provide the biggest benefit.
  7. Actionable audience insights are key to iterating on creative. This ensures the greatest return on the niche audience creative.
  8. The cost of walled gardens hurts advertisers because of costs for the data, lack of transparency and not allowing for unduplicated audiences. These all increase advertisers’ cost and reduce efficiency of budgets.

Thece Media Network is creating a contextual advertising solution and continually incorporating industry best practices. Thece placement in livestreaming reaches niche audiences and is working with measurement partners to bring actionable insights to advertisers.