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Thece Enhanced Logo Shows High Acceptance Amongst Game Viewing Audience

By December 7, 2022No Comments
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Advertising is often not accepted by consumers

Advertisements often interrupt a consumer’s experience, leaving audiences annoyed with advertisers. Though ads are an essential part of many business models, they are not always welcomed by participants.

Statista recently shared that at least 41% of users are often annoyed with advertising on different platforms. This increases with pop-up or video ads that block play or require closing to continue.

Audiences struggle with trusting advertisements

Not only are viewers often annoyed by advertisements, but a higher percentage of viewers struggle to trust the advertisements. 55% of viewers don’t trust the advertisements displayed. A key factor in trust is about where the advertising is being displayed, along with what kind of content.

There is trust built when an influencer or someone you follow shares information about a brand. So if advertisers want to be trusted, they need to inhabit the medium in a way that partners with and leverages these trusted voices. Livestream is an opportunity for brands to appear within trusted content creators. However, there is a challenge for streamers and esports orgs trying to monetize their work without requiring a paid subscription from the viewer. Fortunately, there is an exception to the overall dislike of ads within livestreaming and gaming.

From the outset, Thece’s goal has been to deliver a high value non-interruptive ad experience. The Thece ad unit leverages an existing element that is in 90% of live streams and native within the broadcast. Each placement is vetted and accepted by the creators before it goes out to the audience, which improves its overall acceptance by the 18-34 year old audience.

Thece enhanced logo unit shows proven favorability within the livestream gaming space

Thece recently conducted a study to vet the merits of the Thece Enhanced Logo Unit. Out of hundreds of respondents, 87% of the live stream audience were interested or somewhat interested in interacting with brands in the Thece format.

“Out of hundreds of respondents, 87% of the live stream audience were interested or somewhat interested in interacting with brands in the Thece format.”

Each unit connects the viewer to an interactive microgame through a QR code that boosts brand engagements while also collecting helpful market data. The recent study run with a partner within the Thece Livestream Network received over 225 responses, and 92 click-throughs utilizing the second screen activation.

The audience spent over 39 seconds per user with the branded microgame.

Don’t get lost in the advertising noise

If you want your brand to stand out and not be the mom interrupting the party, take the time to listen to what is working. The Thece enhanced logo unit helps deliver brand engagement in a positive way to the game viewing audience.

Interested in connecting with the 18 – 34 year old audience? Let’s talk.