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Comscore Validates Thece Provided ROAS

By August 2, 2022No Comments

Campaign delivers four times ROAS according to Comscore

Thece and Applegate teamed up with Comscore to include third party verification of the return on ad spend within livestreams, which is inherently different than digital advertising. Comscore software platform combines Human Intelligence and Algorithmic Technology in order to evaluate brand integration. In order to measure Thece’s unique ad unit, Comscore determined the methodology and media value. Comscore analyzed the media reach of the ad units on streaming platforms for 10 hours. The result of measuring the overall value of the Thece advertising unit on the screen during that period of time was an Equivalent Media Value of 4x Applegate’s original investment.

Applegate finds success with the game viewing audience

Applegate was interested in growing its market share by boosting brand recognition among young shoppers. In order to do this, they needed advertising options that could get their brand in front of the elusive 18-34 year old.

Thece provided a unique opportunity to gain the attention of 18-34 year olds with ads integrated into live esports broadcasts. The Thece ad unit offers 100% viewability, innovative second screen interactions, and customer insights through microgames.

A microgame is an interactive survey that draws the audience into deeper engagement to gain brand and consumer insights, while also entertaining and deepening the attention they are paying to the brand.

Native livestream placement drives attention and audience insights

Thece delivered a campaign across its network of professional esports organizations and operators, all of which were vetted for brand safety, to provide Applegate increased visibility and customer attention. Not only was it able to deliver 100% viewability, a reality that is unmatched in other forms of media advertising, its persistence within live broadcasts garnered the attention and engagement of the audience. Thece’s microgame engaged the audience for over a minute with Applegate and created a feedback loop to gain helpful audience insights.

thece cpg stats

This interactive microgame provided added value of audience insights to Applegate.

  • Reinforced the need for Applegate to position itself in front of 18-34 demographic. A large majority of respondents were not familiar with the brand. Applegate gained data from potential customers, including:
    • Insights provided on place of purchase (in-store or grocery delivery)
    • Important values to this audience (ie: humanely raised, clean ingredients, etc.)

Thece makes advertising within esports easy and a great brand investment

Comscore has verified the value of Thece native advertising with esports live broadcasts. Thece makes it easy to place and scale ads within this content.

Esports and gaming is an evergreen space with a young, diverse, present and engaged audience. But advertising to and connecting with 18-34 year olds gamers and game viewers can be difficult. Thece simplifies esports advertising by leveraging the top Organizations and Operators in esports to deliver complete ad packages across a scalable and brand safe network.

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