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Beverage disruptor OLIPOP taps into the game viewing audience

By October 18, 2021No Comments
gamer drinking Olipop

“Better for you” brands emerging in esports

The shift towards health-focused ways of living over the last decade has given rise to food and beverage products created to be “better-for-you”. Essentially, these products are designed to be delicious while containing less of the typical nasties.

Soda producer OLIPOP is one of the biggest and fastest growing better-for-you brands out there right now. Recognizing big potential for a new marketing campaign, OLIPOP approached Thece to connect specifically with the game viewing audience. In short, it was a resounding success. Here’s why.

Why better for you brands are a natural fit for the Game Viewing Audience

OLIPOP’s approach to tasty products for health-conscious people perfectly sums up better for you. Their soda contains no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, colors, flavors, or ingredients. Plus, it’s filled with prebiotics, fiber, and botanical extracts for gut health.

As younger demographics making up the game viewing audience steadily move away from Doritos and Mountain Dew-style snacking, significant value is placed on this new approach.

But the proof is in the (low-cal, high protein) pudding. Up-and-coming Misfits Gaming streamers xtina_gg and sueptime felt so passionately about healthy living that they agreed to do a sponsored stream for OLIPOP – at cost as long as they received some of the tasty beverages.

xtina_gg misfits gaming

In-stream placement

Recent impressive results from our OLIPOP run

In esports and gaming, a lack of advertising and marketing data transparency is a common problem. We solve this through strategies hinging upon scale, audience attribution and spend efficiency – all while keeping verifiable data at the forefront.

After the Tyrus and Misfits Gaming flights finished, we were pleased to find the projected engagement rate with their influencers was even higher than previous teams we ran with.

In addition to 100% visibility of their ad inside of esports and gaming creators’ livestreams, OLIPOP was placed prominently in some League of Legends tournaments by fast growing tournament operator – Unified Esports. By diversifying placement through the Livestream Ad Network, OLIPOP’s exposure quintupled their audience reach versus direct individual sponsorship while maintaining a unified brand message.

tournament ad break

Tournament placement

Collectively there were over 29.8 million impressions and an astonishing 310,800 hours aggregate time. In the US alone, 17.9 million US Impressions ensured and 186,500 hours aggregate time spent with the brand. There is no other domain in the world where you can garner that level of attention with 18-34 year olds – the sweet spot for most brands!

What these campaigns look like

A typical Livestream Ad Network buy is an easy process. With the example of OLIPOP in mind, here’s a breakdown of how it can work:

  • Campaign parameters are agreed > how many impressions and against what genres or game titles
  • Bespoke Unified Ad Creative is created to fit the campaign points – with Misfits and with Unified
  • Ad Creative is placed and campaign begins
  • VODs are sent back to client to verify placement and campaign continues until reaching the specified impression threshold
  • An aggregated report is generated and submitted to the brand

Learn how Thece gets better-for-you brands in front of a growing, convertible audience

If you’re a better-for-you brand looking to tap into a growing market, the game viewing audience should rank high on your list.

And while it might sound complicated, it’s anything but. Our turnkey advertising solution means you won’t have to mess around with complicated marketing processes. We do the work, and you get the data that matters. To learn what’s possible with our Livestream Ad Network, take a moment to check out our esports page.