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Enhanced Sponsorship in Esports

By September 18, 2021No Comments

Esports Trade Publication Esports Grizzly recently interviewed our CEO, Zachary Rozga to get a better understanding about the difference between accessing one versus a group of Orgs when it comes to Esports Organizations. The interview is a candid take on the current state of brand participation in Esports. The main take away that is important from a brand perspective is that up until the Professional Esports Collective if you wanted to work with an Esports Org you had to enter into a time-based contract not an impression-based contract.

When you put together a buy with Thece there’s guaranteed impression load that you’re going to get versus a one off a sponsor. You could get fortunate and sponsor a fantastic tournament with a massive number of attendees and a sticky audience. Still, you can also get a real dog that has limited turnout and a transient audience.


The full interview can be found here.