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Own audience engagement with ThecePlay™

By October 10, 2023No Comments

 Leverage the power of gaming to stand out

With the rise of branded games in Minecraft, Roblox, and Fortnite and the persistent use of social marketing, brands are experiencing the power of engaging with their audience in a brand new way, rising above the noise of traditional advertising and making real connections. This is an incredible innovation, but it still requires driving your audience to a different site with the hopes the exposure will pay dividends down the road.

What if there was a way to directly connect with your consumer (existing and new) in an interactive way all on your own website?

Introducing ThecePlay™

As the leaders in gaming media, we understand that playing games is more than just a way for consumers to have fun. It’s the best way for brands to engage consumers without “advertising” to them. 

This is why we’re launching ThecePlay™

ThecePlay™ is making gaming accessible for brands to engage any audience with any game, all hosted on their own site. Brands don’t have to rely on “leased” space from third party platforms to draw your audience in. You can leverage a game to create a fun experience that engages them with your brand. Your brand can own its engagement.  Each branded game can become content you use for your social campaigns. By directing the audience to a skill-based challenge, the content you receive has higher relevance to your objectives. Once accepted, your brand can curate and leverage the best content to engage in social and other marketing initiatives. We will work with your brand to find the best game based on your audience, develop the challenge, create it, install it, and help execute to deliver your KPIs 

Your audience is already gaming

There are 229 million unique visitors per month to online gaming or mobile apps and 45B hours a year spent gaming. Your audience is already gaming. So bring the gaming challenges to your site. We have data from over 166,000 gaming contests with 100,000 active gaming judges in our platform. Despite concerns about “swinging and missing” with gaming, we have the background to find the right game to actually get your brand results. 

Don’t sit on this opportunity. To succeed in the fast paced media environment, you have to be an early adopter. ThecePlay™ cuts through the noise of advertisement and brings your customers to your brand.

To get playing, contact us today