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Recent Thece campaign delivered 48% increase in purchase intent according to YouGov study

By April 20, 2023No Comments
thece comscore and yougov studies

Technology company sees increase in intent and brand awareness

Recently, Thece and a leading technology company worked with YouGov to measure ad effectiveness including intent and brand recognition amongst a key growth audience. The campaign was placed across the livestreams of various esports creators that are part of the Livestream Media Network.

One of the unique insights the technology brand wanted was how much their offering, a subscription service for their platform, would grow amongst minority and female game viewers. A different study we did showed that mid-core gamers not only made up the majority of the game viewing audience, but that they were far more diverse by race and gender than previously expected. This presents a huge opportunity for brands wanting to expand into a more diverse, Gen Z audience.

At the conclusion of the campaign, Yougov found that the Thece brand campaign saw a 68% increase in brand recall and 48% increase in purchase intent amongst the growth audience.


Increase in purchase intent among growth audience


More likely to recall seeing brand ad among growth audience

Campaign delivers 5.1 times ROAS according to Comscore

Alongside the YouGov study, Thece also worked with Comscore to verify the return on ad spend during the campaign.

Combining Human Intelligence and Algorithmic Technology, Comscore evaluates the brand integration and effectiveness of ad spend and media value during a campaign.  In order to measure Thece’s unique ad unit, Comscore determined the methodology and media value. Comscore analyzed the media reach of the ad units on streaming platforms for 10 hours of the campaign and concluded a 5.1x media value and ROAS for the campaign.

5.1x media value and ROAS

Get a big return on a growing audience

Esports and gaming is a growing, diverse space with a plugged in Gen Z audience. By leveraging top organizations and operators in esports, Thece is delivering measurable results for brands.

The Thece ad unit delivered across the livestream network successfully delivered value to the leading technology brand and increased purchase intent and ad recall. Thece was able to meet the client’s goals by working directly with the esports organizations and offering an ad unit with 100% viewability, innovative second screen interactions, and customer insights through Thece proprietary insights platform.

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