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Virtual Conferences and Trade Shows

The New Normal

In today’s current social climate, virtual events are becoming the optimal replacement for previously planned in-person events like conferences, consumer and trade shows and the like. Thece’s unique platform enhances all existing conferencing platforms to highlight top sponsors while creating superior audience engagement.

As live events come back slowly after this acute period is over, we see the future of events running hybrid tracks virtually and In Real Life. Our Consumer Engagements (CEs) work in both settings, so we can ensure all attendees and sponsors enjoy the same level of engagement regardless of how they attend.

Virtual Event Webinar

Webinar: Making a Rapid Switch to a Virtual Environment

Watch the Webinar

For Brands

Thece can provide any brand with a turn key experience, which can be refreshed for as many different virtual events, summits and webinars as they need. We merely refresh the content for you at each new event to stay topical and relevant to the days’ topic.

For Event Organizers

Thece provides our event organizer clients with the ability to save their sponsorship opportunities by adding something engaging and different to their event, thus enabling the sponsor brands to gain visibility that would otherwise be lost in a virtual setting.


Engagement needs to start well before the actual event takes place online. Use physical activation points mailed to all of your attendees to get them started.

Use Thece for “virtual concierge” services to navigate your event in advance and provide input to specific content they want.

mailer with qr and nfc activation points


This where the fun can really happen. Constant repetitive engagement and participation is required to retain attention over an extended period of time. Some of the ways that Thece can be used to engage the audience during the virtual event:

  • Content Recall/Quizzing
  • Real-time Polling 
  • Sweepstakes/Raffles
  • 1-1 Peer Matching
  • Small Group Pairing
  • Concierge/Navigation
  • Session Feedback
  • Virtual Brand Ambassadors
  • Interactive Mailed SWAG
  • Structured User Journey

Display and Connection Points

Our platform has several ways to connect with the audience, which include:

  • NFC/QR Enabled Durable Goods Mailed to Participants
  • Pushed to Participants via SMS
  • Scheduled through the Streaming platform
  • Embedded in web windows
  • Links in chat rooms
Thece points of activation
analytics dashboard

Real-Time Analytics

Get your data, leads, and insights in Real-time. With this powerful data in-hand optimize your marketing channels for the maximum return on spend. Use the insights to better understand your customers and prospects for constant product improvement.

What it takes to get started

We’ve created a list of what you need to have in place to run a successful virtual event. These includes technology, strategy, and people – all of which combined will help you achieve the results of the event without ever meeting in person.

  • Virtual Conference Strategy
  • Virtual MC
  • Virtual Ambassadors
  • Video Production Ability
  • Sponsors Fulfillment
  • Streaming Platform
  • Webinar Platform
  • Video Conferencing Platform
  • Chatrooms
  • User Journey Control

Once you have these in place, Thece will help to keep your audience engaged and interacting with your speakers and programming. We can turn around quizzes, games, voting, and more within a few days if you’re event is coming up soon. Looking for help with the rest of the list? We have partners who specialize in everything listed above who are all best in class.

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