Turn Physical into Interactive Digital

Thece is a platform that works with all of your in-real life marketing efforts.

Big brands leverage the platform for a unified approach across all channels to be able to have Return on Ad Spend (RoAS) comparative analytics. Small and medium businesses normally start with one or two channels and grow into the others.

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Interact with Customers Where They Live

Out-of-Home Advertising

Not just billboards… you can make flyers, banners, posters, business cards, taxi ads, etc. transactional with your Consumer Engagement web app.

social influencer marketing

Next Level Social Feedback

Influencer Marketing

Not sure if that influencer you paid to promote your product turned into sales? When you plug in your Consumer Engagement web app, you do!

Point-of-Sale Promotion

In-Store Marketing

Stand out on the crowded shelf with a Consumer Engagement quiz or game that encourages shoppers to play and engage with your brand to learn about your product!

TheCE real-time billboard

Real-time ROAS and ROI

Event Marketing

Whether you host your own events, or exhibit at events your Consumer Engagement web app turns CPM into ROAS. Take it with you to all your events.

Turn face-to-face "WOW" into Data and Customers

Experiential Marketing

Every aspect of Experiential Marketing is enhanced with a Consumer Engagement web app. Empower your brand ambassadors to become data capture machines at festivals, tradeshows and guerilla activations.

Keep them coming back


Even after your product is purchased you can still capture data and convert consumers to do more with your brand. With a Consumer Engagement web app make it fun and engaging!

event sponsorship with TheCE

Event Sponsorship

Mass Audience Conversion

Leverage Thece’s network of Media Partners across sports, esports, and concerts to convert the audience into insights, leads and customers.

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