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Get More Eyes on Your Brand in a Saturated Market.

It is maddening…so many media sources, so many ads coming at you from all directions. It’s no surprise engagement rates are at an all time low. However, help is at hand. We’ve not only built a more engaging platform, we’ve already proven the concept.

Don’t settle for the status quo. Our engagement tools get you the lead generation and data you’re looking for while uniquely engaging with your consumers.

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technology overload


In the fragmented “attention economy” (lack of) media landscape, consumer engagement has never been at a higher premium or frankly harder to find.


The average number of ads seen on a given day

4 Sec.

The average length of view on video advertising

1.7 Sec.

The average time spent viewing a social post


The average click-through rate on branded social content


What if there was a way, through your usual content channels to hold onto consumer engagement for an average of 65 seconds, for them to complete an experience 75% of the time and have them share that experience 30% of the time?  

We created the Consumer Engagement Co. to do just this!


Your Customer Engagement


Average Experience Duration


Average Completion Rate


Average Conversion Rate

A Sweet Success Story

In 2018 we took on a project for Oreo which made us realize how powerful our tool  was for brand experience.

The Consumer Engagement web app take consumers on a fun journey through executive created logic, fun experience. The brief was to give consumers the opportunity to interact with Oreo for as long as possible.

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  • 56% Completion Rate

  • 75 Sec. Average Time on App

  • 31% Click-Through Rate

  • 35% Shared to Social

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