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Getting started program

The Consumer Engagement (CE) getting started program is a turnkey service which includes the build of your mobile web app to make sure the designs and the funnel are built to encourage the highest level of engagement.

After your build is complete, our response-based performance model is our mechanism that creates our Guarantee. For small businesses fill your wallet up with responses based on your use case and reach. For larger businesses allocate responses to divisions, business units, or different activations through discrete Purchase Orders.
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Available Response Blocks

A “Response” is consumed each time a user completes ALL questions in your CE.


Blocks of 25,000 and below can be purchased via Credit Card on platform. All other blocks can be purchased via a Purchase Order and invoice.



































Pricing FAQs

Do I have to signup for an account?

Yes. Every Thece customer must go through a structured build. The good news is that this will ensure you have your first CE exactly as  you intend, leveraging best practices in engagement, conversions and collect exactly what you intend from your audience.

You must renew your annual license, but that comes with a build refresh and your original allocation of responses.

After your initial allocation of responses is consumed you should only pay for results, not a monthly software subscription you may or may not use. We set out to match the online advertising model that charges per impression, view and engagement.

How do Responses work?

You can have as many CEs as you like and all of your CEs will pull from your Response bank. After a CE is published, every time the CE is completed by a user, the response is consumed from your response bank.

Are the responses my only cost?

At first you have to go through a structured build with our team. We have built 100s of CEs and have streamlined the process so you can focus on the part you are best. Depending on the complexity of the build and how the creative is developed determines the build cost.

How do I purchase Additional Responses?

You may manage your Additional Responses from the main page in you Thece account by clicking the credit card icon.

There is also an opportunity to purchase credits when you publish your CE.

How much do Responses cost?

Responses can cost as little as $.10 each depending on the number you purchase. See above for the current Purchase Blocks available.

Which forms of payments do you accept?

Thece accepts all major credit cards via our payment processor, Stripe

Where do I purchase Additional Responses?

Inside of your Thece dashboard there is an icon to associate next to your profile name. This is where you can associate a Credit Card with the platform. Once you have associated a Credit Card with the platform you can then purchase pre-described blocks (as shown above) of Responses.

If you would like to purchase a greater amount than what is available through the wallet function or if you need to be invoiced please contact us.

How do I access my data and leads?

Once we have completed your first CE you will be invited to create your account where your CE resides. Inside this analytics dashboard you will be able to access the Short URL and QR codes. In addition you will find the response results, leads and other associated data which updates in real-time.

What if I want to make changes to my CE?

Inside your CE dashboard you will have the ability to clone, edit and publish your CE to be able to make the changes. If you need to make major changes, or to completely redo your design our team can help you at a lower cost than the Getting Started Program.

How do I generate a Purchase Order for a larger purchase?

Either you can connect with the designated point person at your company, or you can contact us and let us know which enterprise you work for and we will send you a Purchase Order. You will need to have it signed off by your designated rep.

As an enterprise client your success is our success, so if you have any worries or concerns, need things checking or anything at all, please reach out to talk with your operational team leader or for new CE’s and extra responses your sales representative.

Can I share responses with other people or entities in my organization?

Yes. However, in order to do this your organization must sign a Master Services Agreement with Thece. To learn more about the Master Services Agreement please contact us.

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