Stay Ahead of the Rapidly Changing Media Landscape

The world of advertising has changed from all perspectives.  As a content creator or publisher, you’ve had to adapt to some massive changes.  Traditional print publishers are doing as much video content as possible due to demand. Online news sites have taken over from TV as the first place for breaking news. Social Media has blown apart the structure of any typical campaign. Stay ahead of these changes with help from the Consumer Engagement Company.

Your Audience is Changing

One overriding factor of changes in the overall media landscape is that our audiences have been unwittingly put under a lot more pressure from many more sources—all pulling on them for attention. Average times spent with media and advertising are down across the board.
technology overload


The average number of ads seen on a given day

4 Sec.

The average length of view on video advertising

1.7 Sec.

The average time spent viewing a social post


The average click-through rate on branded social content

Our Tech

White Label

Leverages CloudFront to rapidly display and easily adhere to any brand specifications

Massively Scalable

Built on AWS Lambda and can process up to 1MM completions per second without affecting performance


HTML5 web app that displays in any environment that has a modern browser

Feature Rich

Data capture, lead gen, quizzes, funneling, calls to action, and sweepstakes are all possible in one platform

Never Down

Unique cloud architecture guarantees a 99% uptime ensuring that whenever and wherever you want to engage, you can

Future Focused

Designed to adapt to new technologies (AR/VR, image recognition) as they become scalable

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