How Thece Works

What is a CE?

A Consumer Engagement, or “CE”, is the next generation funnel tool that engages users through a conversational brand interaction. The user’s input determines their custom offer at the end of their journey.

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CE question cards

The Anatomy of a CE

The user interface is likened to a deck of cards, where users swipe specific cards in various directions to answer simple questions regarding a brand’s product or service.

Cover Card

The Cover Card sets the tone and introduces the user to the CE experience.

Question Card

Question Cards ask simple questions to create a dialog and segment the audience.

Content Card

Content Cards are used to reinforce brand messages to the user to create a dialog in the experience.

Comment Card

The Comment Card provides a way for the user to provide textual feedback.

Lead Generation

The opt-in Lead Generation Card collects consensual first party data from the user.

Call to Action

Build multiple CTAs to encourage to take the next step based on their answers.

The User Journey

where it works

Turn Your Physical Presence into Digital

Connect to Your Audience

Want to get consumers to buy your product, download your app, or visit your online store? The Consumer Engagement web app is a perfect addition to drive revenue direct from consumers in multiple parts of your marketing mix.

Where it Works
brand focused

Make a Great First Impression

Designed to Your Brand Specifications

We live in a design oriented world and you have worked hard on your brand. Our design team will work with you to ensure your CE matches your brand specifications exactly.

The CE user flow

Ask Simple Questions

User Feedback Drives the Engagement

In the attention economy we are bombarded by messages. How do you break through and capture mindshare? By asking and not telling you can create a dialog and make an offer that the customer wants. dashboard

Get Valuable User Data and Feedback

Responses = Sales

With the completion of a CE, you now know a whole lot more about your customer and have them focused on the next step of your sales funnel.

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