The Consumer Engagement Co.
for Events

The best media and events engage their audience throughout the entire experience, which starts well before they arrive. The Consumer Engagement Co’s platform and tools have been created to engage throughout the journey.


Increase your audience (and prospective audience) buy-in to the event. Gain insights into what specific activities your audience would find the most engaging. Know more to plan better.

For ticketed events, increase the number of sales. For non-ticketed events, decrease the number of no-shows.

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This where the fun can really happen. The best tool for audience participation, real-time polling and sweepstakes/raffles.  Display real-time billboards, deploy brand ambassadors with iPads, integrate into apps for push notifications, or have individual Swurveys for each breakout session.

Generate additional revenue from sponsors by skinning your Swurveys in their brand!


Don’t lose your audience the minute they walk out the door. Engage fully with your active audience by incentivizing them to “swipe out” and complete their special role in your event!

Entice them stay in touch for upcoming events. Incentivize them to book the next event.

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Let’s Make Your Next Event a Success.

Trade Shows

Need to get more attendees to your booth? Running an entire show and need to get attendee input before the event? From informing guests of show details to lead generation, Thece has the tools to make your next trade show a success!

Consumer Shows

Eliminate disappointment by letting your attendees have input into your event and its activities before the show even begins. Reach out to them via email or social media to get honest input so you can plan the best consumer show possible.


Planning a major music festival or multi-day consumer event? Use Thece’s engagement platform to boost tickets sales, host real-time voting and polling, and offer giveaways to gain valuable input from your audience in real-time.

What Customers Say About Thece for Events


"Prior to working with I received 1% participation to post event feedback. With we had 99% participation since attendees couldn't leave without 'Swiping out.' Events that care what their audience thinks need!"
— Dave Carroll


"Pairing the swipes on an iPad at check-in with the Real-time Billboard has been so successful! Our audience loves it! It’s been a great guys respond so quickly to our requests to really help deliver our projects successfully."
— Hilda Ho


"We have experiences at all our Live Podcast Events. You’re amazing...THANK YOU! I’m looking forward to working with you on all kinds of new activations in 2019!"
— Elizabeth Fierman