Influencer Produced Ads™

Scalable Authentic Ad Creative

30% Greater Conversion

The Thece Livestream Ad Network™ consists of a wide community of extremely talented mid-tier streamers. They spend hours on camera and have an authentic voice that resonates with their peers. So we built a “unique-to-us” influencer produced video program to allow brands to “get in the game” with audiences who love gamers! If you want to get into the gaming world you need to be in the gaming world.

  • Turnkey Solution – Leave all production to us
  • Quick Product Turnaround – Less than a week
  • 15 and 30 Second Duration Standard
  • 8 second formats for Tik Tok
  • Inclusive Influencers Pool
  • Consistently generate a 25-35% increased conversion

Influencer Video Ad Examples

Most brands buy blocks of videos and either produce them all at once to test and see which ones convert best, or create a rollout presenting fresh new content all of the time.

These are not your typical influencer videos. Our adverts are high quality professionally produced authentic pieces of content. Check out a sampling of Influencer Produced Ads (IPAs) available on the Thece Network.

Kincaid | Olipop

KincaidandHanks | The Walking Dead

Russel | Synapse

Jada | Maybe Interactive Stories

Jupiter | Haste

Zabracus | Solitaire Cube

Vince | Bingo Story

Jada | Olipop

BarryGarry | Animation Throwdown

Nanna | Bingo Story

Andre | Game of Thrones Conquest

Sonny | Isekia Demon Waifu

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